The Barra has gained status as a meeting point after the recent reforms in its edge, as well as adding different sights known worldwide: the forts that served as protection to the Dutch attacks, the main one being the Farol da Barra; the hill of Christ, where many loving couples take the opportunity to enjoy the view; the calm sea of Porto da Barra and its wonderful sunset; beyond this bohemian life in bars, restaurants and concert halls in the area.

The Barra neighborhood

One of the most charming and visited neighborhoods in Salvador, Barra has a peculiar location being between the Bay of All Saints and the Atlantic Ocean. It was here that in 1549, Thome de Souza landed Salvador to make the first capital of Brazil. Today, the place of arrival of the Portugueses has a monument marking this passage in history.

The neighborhood lives not only of natural landscapes, but also brings together shops, pharmacies, club, shopping malls, hospital and recreational areas. It is also there that concentrate many of the sports and cultural activities of the capital, as commemorative concerts at Farol da Barra, gastronomic fairs, walks and runs and of course, the Carnival.

Playing sports

The main sports practiced at the sea of Porto Beach Beach or Barra Lighthouse Beach are swimming, border fishing, free snorkeling, windsurfing, surfing and Stand up Paddle, still hosts many championships. In its edge, it is very common to find people practicing other sports, such as beach soccer, foot volleyball, volleyball, racquetball, slackline and even taking walks on the Barra's boardwalk or riding a bicycle along the bike path.

Visiting Museums

For those who come to vacation in Salvador, an option to explore the city is to visit some museums of the capital. Some of them are installed in historic buildings and much has free access. The main ones are: Museum of Modern Art of Bahia (MAM), Abelardo Rodrigues Museum, Palace of Arts, Museum Carlos Costa Pinto, Nautical Museum of Bahia and the House of Jorge Amado.

Gastronomy in Barra

In the gastronomic area, many restaurants, pizzerias and bars offer delicacies of Bahia and international cuisine to visitors.

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